Conference Day One

8:30 Registration & Refreshments
8:50 Introductory Speech & Speed Networking
Digital & Mobile Wallet – An Introduction – Current State and Year ahead
08:50 Chair’s Opening Remarks & Quick Market Overview
+ DAVE BIRCH | Director/ Global Ambassador – Consult Hyperion
09:00 Defining digital and mobile wallet: scope, functionality and value.
• Are all stakeholders speaking the same language?
• Is it possible to agree on common definition?
• Analysing evolution of the digital and mobile wallet:
• Is the market still maturing?
• Leveraging the concept of digital wallet as a lifestyle trend in order to promote its use
• How the “right” early adopters will facilitate digital and mobile awareness
+ JAIME ABRIL | Principal Manager MFS & NFC Services | Vodafone
+ JOHN MAYNARD | Head of Development, Faster Payments | Payments Council
+ TERRY CORDEIRO | Head of Mobile | Royal Bank of Scotland
+ PAUL JOLIVET | Head of Standards and Advanced Technology | LG Electronics
+ CHRISTINA BELLOGE | Digital Advertising Manager | C&A (Retailer)
10:00 What is a true mobile wallet?
• Mobile wallet as defined by most banks.
• Everything from your physical wallet into your smartphone.
• Mobile wallet hosted as a service – reduce risk, time and total cost of ownership with 80%
+ LARS SANDTORV | Founder & CEO MeaWallet
10:20 Meeting retailers’ demands with a compelling mobile wallet service offering
• Defining the role that retailers play in payment innovations
• Assessing barriers to service adoption
• How the right POS will promote ubiquity and omnipresence where it matters.
+ SITOYO LOPOKOIYIT | Head of Department – M-Pesa Strategy | Safaricom
10:40 Developing a valuable proposition
• In a Freemium society where could companies get their money back?
• A complex ecosystem with multiple partners
• New comers in existing business
• Discovering the cost of transactions online and offline
• How easy is it to quantify the impact of the investment?
+ PAUL JOLIVET | Head of Standards and Advanced Technology | LG Electronics
11:00 An overview of the regulatory landscape for retailers
• Maximising new opportunities in the retail sphere
• Understanding how retailers can grow their business in a financially regulated world
• Is regulation impacting progress?
• How regulation is helping retailer business development
• Will the digital and mobile wallet get overtaken by a new non-regulated alternative before it has a chance to go global?
+ RICHARD BRAHAM| Policy Executive | British Retail Consortium
11:20 Networking & Coffee Break
11:40 The Role of Banks and Push Payments
• Consumer trends
• Corporates concerns
• Pingit case study
+ MILON VEASEY |Director – Head Mobile Solution Specialists | Barclays
12:00 Making Mobile Wallets Irresistible for Consumers (panel)
• Creating a complete Mobile Wallet Solution which is Globally accepted.
• Adding more Value to Consumer Wallets
• Integrating Payments with Loyalty, Coupons, Location based offers and Identity, as well as with Ticketing, Travel and Parking.
• Solving the Consumer awareness issue. Sharing the responsibility and costs.
+ MILON VEASEY |Director – Head Mobile Solution Specialists | Barclays
+ LYNDON LEE, Principal Consultant PA Consulting (Ex Enterprise Architect Tesco)
+ DR. KEY POUSTTCHI | Associate professor | University of Augsburg
+ RICHARD BRAHAM| Policy Executive | British Retail Consortium
+ DAVE BIRCH, Director | Consult Hyperion
12:40 Biometric Authentication for mobile wallets
• Analysing the different trust infrastructure being deployed
• Overcoming the security and privacy concerns
• Associating biometrics to data protection
+ ROMAIN TOULOTTE | Product Manager | Natural Security Alliance
13:00 Networking Lunch
14:00 Educating your customers on digital & mobile wallets to promote service adoption
• Overcoming the challenges of migrating customers from traditional payment methods to digital payments – Technology, behaviour/habit, trust
• Understanding customer expectations and requirements in relation to payments and clearly demonstrating how digital and mobile wallets will fulfil them
• Leveraging loyalty cards and promotions to drive customer acquisition
+ TERRY CORDEIRO | Head of Mobile | Royal Bank of Scotland
14:20 Consumer Insights on Psychology of Mobile Services, Acceptance, Changing Habits
• How do mobile consumers tick and what is their perception of m-wallets?
• The truth about acceptance factors and actual usage of m-wallets
• Which complementary services will drive the adoption of mobile wallets and which won’t?
- How does the consumer perceive different wallet issuers, how does that affect uptake and how might successful value networks look like?
+ DR. KEY POUSTTCHI | Associate professor, University of Augsburg
14.40 Meeting customer needs and expectations while developing a unique service
• What is PayM
• The challenges of bringing and industry together
• Future development areas
• What opportunities for Digital wallet providers does PayM provide?
+ JOHN MAYNARD | Head of Development, Faster Payments | Payments Council
15:00 Networking & Coffee Break
15:15 Enabling banks using the SIM secure element: a win-win proposition for everyone
• Where are we today?
• Alternative solutions e.g. HCE -pros & cons
• New lean SIM based bank enabling
• The SIM secure element as cornerstone of future secure tokenisation solutions
+ JAIME ABRIL | Principal Manager MFS & NFC Services | Vodafone
15:40 Leveraging Big Data to drive sustainable revenue form a customer channel
• Assessing how Big Data will help you better understand your customers
• The importance of using Big Data to drive transactional banking from batch processing to real-time
• Modernising back-office systems that enables a fast reaction to Big Data analysis
• Identifying the right solution for your needs and the most qualified partners to work with through the process
+ JAMES BARTY| Strategy Director | British Bankers’ Association
16:00 Regulatory advancements and thier impact on digital wallet service offerings?
• What are the premises for regulating technology?
• How will Regulation keep up with your ever changing industry?
• Legal and regulatory affairs facing the mobile payments space in the US
• Including money transmitter issues , Reg E issues, and data transfer issues.
+ BARRIE VANBRACKLE | Partner | Manatt, Phelps & Phillips
16:20 Benefits of creating innovative JV, challenges across
• The benefits of creating innovative JV, challenges across financial regulations that need to be complied with and lessons learnt from past.
+ KRISTINA BARBOV | Regulatory Counsel | EE (ORANGE + T-Mobile)
16:40 The 3 R’s – Recognition, Relationship, Reputation
• How Digital Identity will transform the digital wallet
+ DAVE BIRCH | Director | Consult Hyperion
17:00 Chair’s Closing Remarks
Dave Birch, Director – Consult Hyperion
17:10 End of Conference Day One

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