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Dear Colleagues,

We are standing on the verge of digital explosion, where latest mobile and digital wallets are going to bring the benefits of simplicity and reliability with multi functionality apps for the end users.

Digital Wallets have gained lot more momentum in past one year, with more and more companies focusing on digital payments convergence into all connected devices from Mobile Phones, Tabs, TV, Gaming consoles and computers.

We have seen top Banks, Retailers, Telcos and other Payments institutions fighting hard to compete with each other and claim the highest share of the cake. Some players have even formulated joint ventures to take an edge.

Although payments are an important part of these digital wallets but is it enough to convince the customer to go for them? There is an ever-increasing demand for creating multifunctional apps that integrates payments with Identity, loyalty, promotions and ticketing together.

At the inaugural DMW Summit we aim to capture this and bring to you crucial industry insights to assist you in advancing your digital wallet agendas.

There is a currently a big security dilemma between SIM V/s Cloud and how best to store the secure element and customers confidential data. Also, NFC/Contactless is been perceived as important tool to make wallets look attractive for the customers. We have seen good progress recently with over 100 mobile devices now available with NFC capabilities.

While customers have shown potential interest in using mobile and digital devices to make payments, but it’s certain that customers are not going to trust any service blindly, unless they see a genuine value and a service that the can be trusted.

We believe that creating a reliable, affordable and simple service with a strong customer value proposition would be the key to winning customer’s faith in these digital/ mobile wallet products.

Here at our “Digital & Mobile Wallet Summit”, we aim to bring together the latest user cases, industry best practices, regulatory updates and all that you need to learn from a high caliber speaker line up. Here you will obtain inside updates and key statistics, which would enable you to align your existing digital/mobile wallet strategies as well, help you expand your own market shares.

Welcome to the DMW Summit !

Rish Garg
Conference Director
Kinfos Events Ltd.


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